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[Bayonne-devel] Record with bayonne 1.2.15

From: Tristan
Subject: [Bayonne-devel] Record with bayonne 1.2.15
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 17:40:33 +0100
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I write because I have some troubles with the record command in ccscript.

I need to record conversation that customers have with our technical support.

I use dialogic cards ( D120JCT and D41E to do outgoing calls to the technical support and incoming calls are taken on a D300 PCI ). The join works like a charm but with the command wait timeout=10s record="/path/to/myfile" I only record the technical support answer but can't record the customer voice.

I tried with join record="afile" but nothing happens.

Searched the manual but don't found anything relevant.

Has someone an idea please on how to do it or is it impossible ?

The point is that it was working flawless with the same hardware with an other IVR soft ( GAP for those who heard about it ), but GAP is not as good as bayonne for my production needs.

Thanks in advance for help !


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