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Re: install-sh script not installed when using Autoconf alone

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: install-sh script not installed when using Autoconf alone
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 22:07:20 -0600
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According to John Calcote on 4/17/2009 3:39 PM:
> When Autoconf is used without Automake, 'autoreconf --install' doesn't
> install
> a copy of the install-sh script when it detects the use of the
> macro in configure.ac. There are two problems here:

Both of these have been discussed in the past on this list, and we are
waiting for someone to write a patch.

> First, while the Autoconf manual indicates that Autoconf ships with a
> version
> of install-sh that project maintainers can use, this is not true.

The autoconf tarball DOES ship with a copy of install-sh, it is just that
'make install' doesn't put it anywhere.

> Second, Autoconf ships with the autoreconf utility that accepts an
> --install
> option to install missing files. Yet, autoconf itself doesn't provide a
> command-line option to install missing utility scripts, so autoreconf
> --install
> cannot work properly without Automake.

Patches welcome.  In the meantime, take that as our subtle hint that the
autotools are rather interrelated, and that the use of autoreconf often
assumes that automake is in play (if you use just Autoconf and not
Automake, then you can get by with just 'autoconf' and not 'autoreconf').

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