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Fwd: Automake 1.7.5 Check failure

From: Keith Hopper
Subject: Fwd: Automake 1.7.5 Check failure
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 10:13:44 +1200
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     Sorry about the goof missing the attached. Below is my original
message - which really says it all!


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To:   <address@hidden>
Date: 19 Jun 2003 0800
Subject: Automake 1.7.5 Check failure

     I attach as a small archive the config.log file and a bug.log
resulting from my trying yesterday afternoon to build, check and install

     The interesting thing is that the previous check run - when I was not
generating a log file - failed 149 tests and did not run 37. This is
different to the number of failures and 'not run' in the attached log!

     The system is slackware linux running kernel 2.2.19, gcc reports its
version as 2.95.3 , lic is version 2.2.5 and autoconf version 2.57.

     I presume that it is not safe to use the built version?!?

                        Over to you,

                                                Keith Hopper

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Waikato University
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