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[Bug binutils/10288] "objdump -D --target=binary -m arm7tdmi" shows non-

From: chris at seberino dot org
Subject: [Bug binutils/10288] "objdump -D --target=binary -m arm7tdmi" shows non-ARM7TDMI instructions
Date: 7 Jul 2009 17:41:08 -0000

------- Additional Comments From chris at seberino dot org  2009-07-07 17:41 

I'm very glad you are still sending patches on this.  I very much appreciate it.
 We are almost done....

I was afraid this would happen.  It seems for some reason often when we try to
fix something unrelated to the "DSP and newer instructions bug" that that old
bug keeps sneaking back in.

The 6/30 patch was wonderful because the *only* leftover issue was the STRB
scaled addressing modes.

Unfortunately, I must report that once again we need to remove instructions that
don't belong like mrrc, blx, ldc2, usat, etc.

You can pat yourself on the back because the current state of binutils is
beautiful and almost across the finish line.  All you need to do is take another
crack at a new patch to it and we'll be golden.




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