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[Bug binutils/10288] "objdump -D --target=binary -m arm7tdmi" shows non-

From: chris at seberino dot org
Subject: [Bug binutils/10288] "objdump -D --target=binary -m arm7tdmi" shows non-ARM7TDMI instructions
Date: 11 Jul 2009 06:37:50 -0000

------- Additional Comments From chris at seberino dot org  2009-07-11 06:37 

I think all of the following are wrong.  This "ror" part of addressing mode 1 
be instructions like 0x0000007Z for Z=0,1,2,3, ...

*not* 0x000000fZ. <--- notice the "f".

<      3c0:     000000f0        andeq   r0, r0, r0, ror r0
<      3c4:     000000f1        andeq   r0, r0, r1, ror r0
<      3c8:     000000f2        andeq   r0, r0, r2, ror r0
<      3cc:     000000f3        andeq   r0, r0, r3, ror r0
<      3d0:     000000f4        andeq   r0, r0, r4, ror r0
<      3d4:     000000f5        andeq   r0, r0, r5, ror r0
<      3d8:     000000f6        andeq   r0, r0, r6, ror r0
<      3dc:     000000f7        andeq   r0, r0, r7, ror r0
<      3e0:     000000f8        andeq   r0, r0, r8, ror r0
<      3e4:     000000f9        andeq   r0, r0, r9, ror r0
<      3e8:     000000fa        andeq   r0, r0, sl, ror r0
<      3ec:     000000fb        andeq   r0, r0, fp, ror r0
<      3f0:     000000fc        andeq   r0, r0, ip, ror r0
<      3f4:     000000fd        andeq   r0, r0, sp, ror r0
<      3f8:     000000fe        andeq   r0, r0, lr, ror r0
<      3fc:     000000ff        andeq   r0, r0, pc, ror r0



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