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Re: NSK(OSS) compilation problem

From: Matthew Woehlke
Subject: Re: NSK(OSS) compilation problem
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 16:16:22 -0500
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Paul Eggert wrote:
Matthew Woehlke <address@hidden> writes:

Um, do you want the output from this? There is a LOT... almost 170k
lines according to 'wc -l'. Or is there something I should be looking

That's very strange.  There are only 87 lines on my platform.
I'll attach them below.

I'm talking about the output of running the program, not the
program itself.

Right. Well, you added printing of any shift that fails; almost 170k* of them failed. So, do you want me to send *all* of them (well, all 9k; see note), some cross section of them, tell me what I should be looking for, or...?

When I see things like:

   1288 27a1ad6e467a7e63>>? == 1467a7e63 ?
   1320 2f32429765ecb7d6>>? == 165ecb7d6 ?
   1338 771cd6df5a91f9a5>>? == 15a91f9a5 ?
   1385 75f924883ed2f867>>? == 13ed2f867 ?
   1208 43003e1d85c6fda0>>? == 185c6fda0 ?
   1247 195b126c38aacb59>>? == 138aacb59 ?
   1155 3846cf6a04a14add>>? == 104a14add ?
   1309 79ab94e00e6969b6>>? == 10e6969b6 ?
   1273 4c097a62746c73dc>>? == 1746c73dc ?
   1360 7bd4d36fa91ae818>>? == 1a91ae818 ?
   1334 15aa84d5fb385da6>>? == 1fb385da6 ?

...I start to think that bit-shifting is Just Plain Broke (with -O anyway).

The above is the result of:
$ ./intparam1.x | sed 's/\>>[0-9]*/>>?/' | uniq -c

Notice that it looks like the result of 'x>>y' under certain circumstances is '0x100000000 | (x & 0xFFFFFFFF)', regardless of the value of 'y'... which is of course Just Plain Wrong.

(* Actually '| uniq -c' cuts things down to about 9k lines; you are missing something - sample2, I think - when you print, but I think that's irrelevant?)

'#define HAVE_ULONGLONG 0' does not work, because the tests are all
'#if defined HAVE_ULONGLONG'. I think you meant to comment this out
instead? ;-)


In the future, could you maybe strip the non-ASCII characters from

Sure.  Revised source file is attached as well.


My preferred shell is Christian. It's Bourne Again.

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