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Re: NSK(OSS) compilation problem

From: Matthew Woehlke
Subject: Re: NSK(OSS) compilation problem
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 10:05:43 -0500
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Paul Eggert wrote:
Matthew Woehlke <address@hidden> writes:

Notice that it looks like the result of 'x>>y' under certain
circumstances is '0x100000000 | (x & 0xFFFFFFFF)', regardless of the
value of 'y'... which is of course Just Plain Wrong.

That's what we're looking for.  Ideally, I'd like a sample program
that fails to _compile_ due to the problem.  But I guess we'd settle
for one that fails to _run_.

   1288 27a1ad6e467a7e63>>? == 1467a7e63 ?

OK, what happens if you compile and run the following program, with
and without -O?  What is the exit status of the program?  If it works,
then we don't yet have a complete handle on the problem.

#define BIG 0x27a1ad6e467a7e63LL
#define HALF_BIG 0x13d0d6b7233d3f31LL

#if BIG >> 1 != HALF_BIG

int array[BIG >> 1 == HALF_BIG ? 1 : -1];

long long int big = BIG;

int main (void) { return big >> 1 != HALF_BIG; }

Nope, no luck, '0' in both cases, and adding a printf confirms the correct values.

Don't use a hippo to... what was I saying?

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