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Re: [PATCH] chroot specify user/group feature

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: [PATCH] chroot specify user/group feature
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 19:41:02 +0200
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Hi Jim,

Jim Meyering <address@hidden> writes:

> setuidgid appears to be subsumed by chroot with the new options.
> If we can remove setuidgid.c, that code is no longer duplicated,
> so there's less (no?) motivation to move it into gnulib.

If you want to remove setuidgid then I don't see any reason to move
the shared code into gnulib.  Though I have to admit it sounds a bit
strange to use chroot to change uid/gid, maybe rewrite setuidgid as a
wrapper around chroot?


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