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Re: different CVS_SERVER for different hosts

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: different CVS_SERVER for different hosts
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 08:42:16 -0500
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Paul Edwards wrote:

|"Derek Robert Price" <address@hidden> wrote in message
|>CVS can still be compiled on Windows under CygWin using GCC or under
|Really?  Is that just missing from the Windows/NT README then?
|Do you know what the procedure for compiling is?

There are already notes in INSTALL & in windows-NT/README about
compiling with MSVC (Microsoft Visual C++).  I just assumed that people
would know that the CygWin procedure was the same as the UNIX procedure,
as that is one of CygWin's design goals.  It might deserve a note or two
that it works.

|>We can't fix bugs and inconsistencies without bug reports and bug
|>reports can be hard to verify without exact hardware and software
|>If you'd like to buy me the computers w/your desired operating systems
|>and pay for my time, I'd be happy to set up nightly testing on whatever
|>platforms you like.
|The platform is an arbitrary and unspecified platform that is
|100% ISO C conforming and 100% Posix library conforming.
|It doesn't have any Unix-like shell.
|So long as the application itself conforms to the two applicable
|standards, it should compile out of the box.  At least each
|source file should compile anyway (in the same way that a
|"hello, world" program will compile).  I don't mind writing a
|batch file to compile each source file in turn and then linking
|it at the end.

Obviously we've never encountered such a platform before, but you bring
up an interesting point.  Compiling is now mostly dependant on running
configure to set the variables, but the code could be designed to be
more biased towards POSIX - so that it would compile _without_ running
configure on a pure POSIX system.

configure has always worked fine for me, so I'd never really considered
it, but it is certainly an interesting concept.  Feel free to submit

As a workaround, the config.h in the EMX subdirectory might get you most
of what you want, since that is basically what configure creates under
UNIX.  Alternatively, you could run configure on some platform that will
enable most of the POSIX compliant functions, like Linux, and start with
the config.h that that generates.  There should be less to edit that way.

If EMX is really 100% POSIX compliant these days, you might be able to
get away without using most or all of the rest of the code in the emx
directory if you set up config.h correctly.


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