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Re: Feature request/ideas

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: Feature request/ideas
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 11:50:05 -0500
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

| Derek Price <address@hidden> writes:
|> Derek Price wrote:
|>> |> | So probably the expression used should connote this. After
|>> some |>  | consideration, I would vote for '.origin' here. I
|>> disagree |> with | being meaningless. I often export a project
|>> state into a |> local | repository, work on it, and when I'm
|>> done, move the files |> back to | the remote repository's
|>> sandbox. During local |> development I often | want to compare
|>> to the initial version of a |> file, and using a | single tag
|>> for this is just easy. Granted |> there are other ways to |
|>> achieve this, but they're not as easy |> to handle. |> |>
|>> That's fine for 1.1, but how does this help you for a branch?
|>> |> You might want to diff against the root, but it doesn't make
|>> much |> sense to care about the first revision on the branch. |
|>>  | | Good point. What about resolving '.origin' to the very
|>> first | revision of the mainline?
|>> I don't have any reason to object to that.
|> On further consideration, why doesn't -r1.1 suffice for what you
|> want to do?
| Possibly for handling the following conditions...
| - cvs add foo && cvs commit -mnew foo && echo newstuff >>foo \ &&
| cvs commit -mupdate foo && cvs admin -o1.1 foo
| .origin == 1.2 after this operation
| - cvs add foo && cvs commit -mnew -r2.1 foo
| .origin == 2.1

Well, yes, but -r1.2 or -r2.1 would suffice in these cases, though I
will grant you have to know what revision to use.  I would hazard that
there is either a -r<rev> revision that can be specified here across
multiple files or that the result of a multi-file .origin will likely
be meaningless anyhow.

In the specific example Frank specified, also, -r1.1 should always work.

| - cvs tag -b foo-branch && cvs update -rfoo-branch && cvs add foo \
|  && cvs commit -mnew foo
| In this case, is .origin == 1.1 (dead) or is it not found?

I have no idea.  I think for most use cases either will have the same
result.  For cvs up -r.origin foo, where foo has no origin, I see
little difference between an error message that says .origin not found
and a silent checkout of nothing (the dead revision), but maybe
someone else has a reason to prefer one over the other.

| - cvs tag -b foo-branch && cvs update -rfoo-branch && cvs add foo \
|  && cvs commit -mnew foo && cvs update -A && cvs up -jfoo-branch \
| && cvs commit -mmerge foo
| .origin == 1.2

I don't think so.  This should be consistent with the answer to your
previous question.  If the -r.origin with only a dead revision returns
the dead revision, then this .origin should also return it.  If
- -r.origin with only a dead revision returns no revision, then this
should return 1.2, as you specify.

| I have no objections to .origin being used for the very first
| revision of the mainline.

It's not that big a deal, really, but I would like to hear a use case
that can't be satisified with a simple revision selection or hear a
person or two declare strongly that they prefer the convenience of an
.origin that may sometimes be meaningless to an additional call or two
to `cvs log'.


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