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Re: Feature request/ideas

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: Feature request/ideas
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 09:50:27 -0500
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Frank Hemer wrote:

| Here is a more detailed description of the tag-extensions:

Mostly this sounds great, with the few questions/exceptions that I
have noted.

Could you write the final version up as a patch to doc/cvs.texinfo?

| '.origin': Will always resolve to the very first revision. If a
| file has been added on a branch, .origin will resolve to the first
| revision on that branch, otherwise it will follow the mainline.
| '.root': Will resolv to  the predecessor of the first revision on
| the focused branch.

I think your terminology is still a little off here.  Technically, the
root revision of a branch is on both the parent and the branch and is
therefore also the "first" revision on the branch.  This is one of the
reasons that I still think your ".origin" tag makes no sense.  Could
you please either remove it or provide me with a use case that
explains/justifies it?

| '.next': The next revision on the focused branch. Does _not_ follow
| the mainline as this would prevent access to revisions on a vendor
| branch that were introduced _after_ the first commit/merge onto the
| trunk.

Could you please explain this in more detail?

| If a combined tag with relative extensions is used for commands
| that change the local sandbox and set sticky tags, the resulting
| numeric revision is used for sticky tagging. This is because tags
| like .trunk.prev.prev imho don't really make sense - '.prev',
| '.next' will force usage of numeric sticky tags in any position,
| and all elative tags will if used not in head position.

I agree with you here when .prev or .next are applied to a dynamic
(branch) tag, since a request like "the tipe of the branch minus two
revisions" seems unlikely to remain meaningful in a dynamic sense, but
I think that applied to a static tag it would be best to leave the
text in the sticky tag for readibility.  "release-1.0.prev" is not
going to change unless someone moves the release-1.0 tag.

| If the combined tag ends with '.head', this will overwrite -

Could you explain this further?

| I hope I have addressed all issues concerning the new tags, and
| would very much appreciate some feedback and maybe some results
| from testing ...:-)

This all still sounds great, but it cannot be committed without docs
and test cases.



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