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bind me a/k/a leadership in the key binding dept.

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: bind me a/k/a leadership in the key binding dept.
Date: 06 Jul 2002 15:37:48 +0800
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RMS> Default key bindings and other defaults are very important issues.
RMS> What makes Emacs powerful is the design that enables users to change
RMS> many things in a very general way.  However, what makes Emacs
RMS> convenient is the fact that we have configured a lot of convenient
RMS> things in advance.

Hmm, OK, I guess.  P.S. sounds like the Master Chinghai ;-)

Imagine a world where even the most basic keys C-a C-b ... were left
to the users to bind themselves... bad.

Imagine a world where even the most arcane optional, (however
interactive, of course) commands all had bindings right out of the
factory.  Not so bad unless the user is in the habit of random typing.

Anyways, maybe consider "binding recommendation reservation lists", to
avoid Jimmy binding to A what Jonnny binds to B causing Jimmy to have
difficulty at the demo when handed Jonnny's terminal.

Anyways, say, you provide functions with standard names, no?  You
don't just do "lambda" and let the masses "chose their favorite name
as the flower blows", no?  Well, how about the same leadership in the
key binding dept.  True, a good key binding requires thought and
feedback, but anyways, think about it.
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