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Re: [Translation-i18n] Handling qt-format in gettext tools (was: Updatin

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [Translation-i18n] Handling qt-format in gettext tools (was: Updating qt-format handling?)
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 00:43:23 +0200
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Hello Chusslove,

> However, it will still not allow missing directives in single-number plural
> forms, as it does for the c-format. The attached patch is the part of the
> old one resolving that, only updated against the CVS code after your patch.
> It allows one missing directive only (so that translators need not insert
> the number in single-number forms).

I don't understand it, nor the comment
  "An exception is a non-strict plural form msgstr, where one of the
   arguments may be missing (as handled by KDE; pure Qt in fact cannot
   make proper use of gettextn call with non-strict rule)"

The Qt4 QString::multiArg method gives an "Argument missing" warning
if you do something like   QString("abc%1def%2").arg(arg1,arg2,arg3),
and similarly the QString::arg gives an "Argument missing" warning
if you do something like   QString("abc%1def%2").arg(arg1).arg(arg2).arg(arg3)

Does KDE something different? If so, can you point me to the source code,

> Running the patched version on the existing translations turns out that
> there are not so many problems per language regarding perculiarities of the
> new-style directives. I guess it would be enough even if I myself collect
> the warnings in a nice format and publish them to language teams some time
> prior to the release.

Hmm, sounds a bit kludgy. It would indeed be better to have a release
until then.


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