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Re: [Translation-i18n] Handling qt-format in gettext tools (was: Updatin

From: Chusslove Illich
Subject: Re: [Translation-i18n] Handling qt-format in gettext tools (was: Updating qt-format handling?)
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 11:48:04 +0200
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> A new format-kde flag is needed to support this. And xgettext need a --kde
> option, similar to its --qt option.

Well, I was going by the principle of keeping it as simple as possible, not
wanting to introduce yet another format/command line option. My original
patch was modifying qt-format such that the KDE format becomes a subset (for
any practical purpose), albeit imposing few non-intrinsic constraints and
relaxations on qt-format, which I considered a reasonable compromise.

However, given the existence of quite specialized formats like e.g.
gcc-internal-format, I have really nothing against new kde-format if the
maintainer does not mind himself :) Should I prepare a new patch, based on
the existing qt-format code, or you can do it?

> Qt format strings can use %1 %5 without %2 %3 %4, KDE4 format strings
> cannot. [...]

Except in plural mode, where plural-deciding directive may be missing from
the sequence. Gettext tools cannot guess which directive is plural-deciding,
hence that implementation in my patches of allowing one (but any) missing
directive in plural forms.

Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић)

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