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RE: [Bug-gnubg] PNG Export

From: Albert Silver
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] PNG Export
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 22:02:28 -0200

What is the general stand on this? It should be quite easy to write code
that automatically adds the desired extension (html, png, what have we),
and we may possibly also add a checkbox to the file selection dialog to
undo the behaviour.

Do we want to add a default extension or not?


I'll tell you right away that if it doesn't, a lot of users are not
going to be able to enjoy it. Presuming knowledge, however basic, on the
part of users is a mistake. As a rule, unless intended for
professionals, they need to have their hands held the whole way. I'm not
trying to imply people are stupid, but yes, I am saying right out, that
most are *very* ignorant about even the simplest things. I always try to
cater to them, since the experienced user won't even notice. 

I'm considered a major computer guru here. You know why? Because I
always have an answer. Yep, I'm a big genius. For example, I got this
yesterday from a friend who has used computers (but knows next to
nothing except specific programs) for a few years already and is a
reknowned lawyer:

Friend - "Albert, you have to help me. My computer won't start anymore.
It may be broken."
Me - "Ok, what exactly is happening?"
F - "I turn it on, and after counting it stops and refuses to continue.
I turned it on and off several times but no luck."
Me - "Is there a message of any kind?"
F - "Yes, it says to press F1 to continue, but no matter how many times
I press it nothing happens. This is terrible, what do you think it could
be? "
Me - (inner sigh)"Go to the back of the tower and unplug and replug the
keyboard, making sure you press it in well."

- 1 minute passes -

F - "Albert! It's working again! Thanks so very much!"


The above isn't a below average user, no, he's the typical one. If you
don't add the extension, they will most likely not figure out the
problem, may double-click on it to kingdom come, and then, if they are
really annoyed, discover this mailing list and complain it's broken.

When I want to think of what to expect, I think of my mother using her
computer, and it usually puts me in the right direction for
usability/user-freindliness. :-)


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