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RE: [Bug-gnubg] Match statistics graph

From: Nardy Pillards
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] Match statistics graph
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 21:03:31 +0200

Sorry for:
(snip all)

If the data are available, consistent, reliable and non redundant,
whatever request from whomever can be met.

RDBM with (My)SQL, CVS with spreadsheet or plot or graph programs....

I'm sure the backgammon players know what data the need.
I'm sure the developers know what data can be easily provided.
And I'm sure there a bunch of programs available for *nix, Win, Mac, 

I'm not pointing to Snowie when saying:
There must be data available ad hoc. Available while the game/match 
is ongoing, visible while playing, visible after the game/match.
Those 'must be' data can't be excluded. And if there are visual aids 
for those basic data, OK.

All accumulated or statistical or analysed data from previous 
games/matches just needs to be there. Available to be explored, to be 
If Python (or whatever tool/program) can do the gathering of the 
data, then let other programs do the job of presenting those data to 
the user. Numbers or graphs or ....

Yes, I want more data/graphs than gnubg shows now.
No, I don't want those integrated in gnubg.
Yes, I would like a 'library' of Python (or whatever) scripts giving 
me the data I'm interested in.
Yes, I am willing to look (for Win32) for an easy way to  process 
those data, so the resulting data can be shown in an easy way.

A (simple??) example:
Temperature maps.
It's a lovely tool while playing. It's a revealing tool while looking 
at a match played.
But I would like to see the temperature maps of best move vs my move 
of all matches I played so far.
Integrate this in gnubg? Or give me a script that creates a file with 
the needed data?
I opt for the last.


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