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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Edit cube position bug

From: Michael Petch
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Edit cube position bug
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 01:34:33 -0600
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No as I said I was using an OS/X build made of the latest CVS, and the windows Dev Build from the main Gnu site. I can try the attached zip files and see if there is a difference. If It does fail and you are using latest snapshots it might indicate something wrong with the builds themselves. I’ll get back to you when I get the files and run them.

On 4/10/08 1:30 AM, "Massimiliano Maini" <address@hidden> wrote:

address@hidden wrote on 09/04/2008 17:45:39:

> On 4/9/08 9:40 AM, "Massimiliano Maini" <address@hidden
> com> wrote:

> [You have an icon in the toolbar to switch direction, quicker]
> Can you tell me if, right after you have launched gnubg (before starting
> a session), switching direction changes the cube position ? For me it
> stays on the right (where it should be playing clockwise).
> If I decide to play counterclockwise, the cube goes to the left side only
> when a new game is started. I guess this is tied with the problem I have
> in Edit mode: the cube position does not seem to change immediately when
> the direction is switched. The table is updated immediately (chequers).
> BTW, here I'm testing under XP, I'll give it a try at home with Vista.
> I have tried both the menu item for choosing direction and the
> direction icon. Same thing.
> If I launch Gnubg starting Clockwise the cube is on the right. If I
> immediately click the direction button the cube moves to the left,
> and hit it again it changes to the right (Yes, I just tried it).
> I am using Windows Vista Enterprise (32 bit). I have a virtual
> machine of XP somewhere I can try later and let you know.

Sorry to bother with this agin, but are you using the exes I provided in my previuos emails ?

http://www.gnubg.org/media/windows/gnubg-0.90-20080408-NOGLADE-exes-WMT.zip <http://www.gnubg.org/media/windows/gnubg-0.90-20080408-NOGLADE-exes-WMT.zip>


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