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Re: Improving GNUstep support for NetBSD ELF

From: Peter Cooper
Subject: Re: Improving GNUstep support for NetBSD ELF
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 15:45:06 +0200
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Hi Nicola 

> sorry for answering late - your NetBSD port is looking good as far as I
> can read.

It's no problem. I doubt there are that many people running NetBSD and
GNUstep right now ;) 

> > core/make/configure.ac:
> >   support NetBSD package headers and libraries, similar to the FreeBSD
> >   target.
> I wasn't sure why here you used FORCE_CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS rather than
> CPPFLAGS and LIBS.  I changed it to use CPPFLAGS and LIBS, in the same way
> as Freebsd.  If I was wrong in changing it (I didn't investigate it very
> deeply) please let me/us know :-)

I looked at the configure.ac file and noticed the following quote:

# CPPFLAGS are used throughout for additional includes, which eventually
# goes in the SYSTEM_CONFIG_INCL variable. If someone really wants to
# set CPPFLAGS, set FORCE_CPPFLAGS instead (see config.make.in)

Probably I misunderstood :)

> I didn't commit yet the other changes ... I'm also not sure why all of
> gnustep-base, gnustep-gui and gnustep-back need to check for
> freebsd/netbsd to add the same flags.  Can't that be done in gnustep-make
> for all of them ?

I didn't think that gnustep-make has that much effect on the configure
step for gnustep-gui, for example? If gui/configure can't find -ltiff
etc then the configure aborts and even though the library itself,
applications and tools will have the correct -Wl,-R options set to
find -ltiff from gnustep-make. So, my changes were to support the
configure step. If there's a smart way to do it from gnustep-make, it's
the most sensible place.

> I'm leaving tomorrow for two weeks, so please always Cc: a mailing list in
> the reply.

Have a great break, and thanks for your help so far.

I'm still looking for any ideas about the other issues, like the "missing
extern" problem in <AppKit/AppKitDefines.h> and the bundle loading path issue.
Do we have a gnustep-gui or runtime expert in the house?



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