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Re: rtf | printing | hungarian

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: rtf | printing | hungarian
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 02:05:23 +0200

Fred Kiefer wrote:
> reuss wrote:
> > 2.printing
> > Printing from Ink.app cuts every 16th letter. Maybe it is normal
> This is the standard behaviour.

It only happens if there's a mismatch between the font metrics used when
doing layout, and the font metrics used when displaying the glyphs. To
narrow it down a bit: does Ink make sure not to use screen fonts when
printing? Using screen fonts when printing pretty much guarantees that
there'll be mismatches.

> Perhaps we should make this numbner
> configurable. I am not sure why Alexander choose a number that low.
> Perhaps nobody would notice thsi behaviour with 64.

It wouldn't hurt to increase it, but it wouldn't fix the problem. It
would probably make it slightly less apparent in the common case, but
right-aligned text, and many other things, would still have gaps and

Setting it to 1 would help a lot more, in a sense, by forcing the layout
manager to explicitly set the position of each glyph. However, that'd be
amazingly inefficient.

- Alexander Malmberg

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