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Re: rtf | printing | hungarian

From: reuss
Subject: Re: rtf | printing | hungarian
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 08:05:51 GMT
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How an app could ensure that it uses only print fonts when printing? Why
screen fonts are not supported? As I heard openstep printed exactly that
was displayed on the screen (ok, I've never seen it in work) uainf 
display postscript, am I in mistake?

On Wed, 19 May 2004 02:05:23 +0200, Alexander Malmberg wrote:

> Fred Kiefer wrote:
>> reuss wrote:
>> > 2.printing
>> > Printing from Ink.app cuts every 16th letter. Maybe it is normal
>> This is the standard behaviour.
> It only happens if there's a mismatch between the font metrics used when
> doing layout, and the font metrics used when displaying the glyphs. To
> narrow it down a bit: does Ink make sure not to use screen fonts when
> printing? Using screen fonts when printing pretty much guarantees that
> there'll be mismatches.
>> Perhaps we should make this numbner
>> configurable. I am not sure why Alexander choose a number that low.
>> Perhaps nobody would notice thsi behaviour with 64.
> It wouldn't hurt to increase it, but it wouldn't fix the problem. It
> would probably make it slightly less apparent in the common case, but
> right-aligned text, and many other things, would still have gaps and
> overlaps.
> Setting it to 1 would help a lot more, in a sense, by forcing the layout
> manager to explicitly set the position of each glyph. However, that'd be
> amazingly inefficient.
> - Alexander Malmberg

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