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Re: Fix, GDL2, EOQualifier (getKey()): args

From: Georg Fleischmann
Subject: Re: Fix, GDL2, EOQualifier (getKey()): args
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 15:30:18 +0800


On 23.04.2008, at 19:34, David Ayers wrote:

Thanks for the report and the patch! The change was provoked by issues compiling on x86_64. I don't suppose you can test it there? What would
be great is if we could extract the relevant code into a simple test
case for gcc to insure that our approach is portable.

We are looking into this a time permits.  Maybe you could open a bug
report for this?

Well, I don't have set up an account yet and limited time also... that's why i didn't follow-up on the bug-tracking system. I see that you are already pretty close to a solution that works for all platforms... :-)

I will continue to dig up and file proposals to issues I encounter while fitting my app to GDL2.

Best wishes,

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