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mm macros -- signature (SG) under MT 5 (external letter)

From: John Rupley
Subject: mm macros -- signature (SG) under MT 5 (external letter)
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 01:32:34 -0700

.\" $Id: m.tmac,v 2.24 2004/03/10 06:11:26 wlemb Exp $

Problem (or possibly several interesting features) with formatting of author(s) signature lines under MT 5 (external letter) of the mm macros.

single author, one argurment
        get lead dashes at left margin "--" in signature line
.AU "John 1 Rupley"
.SG gives:
       --                            John 1 Rupley

two authors, each with reference data (2 or more args)
         reference data at left margin has arg 2 replicated:  "jar2/jar2"
.AU "John 1 Rupley" "jar1"
.AU "John 2 Rupley" "jar2" "Biosci." "Biochem. Mol. Biophys."
.SG gives
                                         John 1 Rupley

Biosci.-Biochem. Mol. Biophys.-jar2/jar2 John 2 Rupley


To demonstrate the above, run the attached file through troff -mm and grops. The file is configured to show the result of the first example above. For other examples, reset the ".ig" -- ".." pairs.

Problem is in the macro "let*mt-sign" of m.tmac.

One possible revision of this macro is given on line 73ff of the attached file. Delete the ".ig" at line 74 to test it.

Thank you,

Best wishes,

John Rupley

Attachment: test-sig.mm
Description: Binary data

John Rupley
   address@hidden -or address@hidden
   30 Calle Belleza, Tucson AZ 85716
   (520) 325-4533; fax - (520) 325-4991
   Dept. Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics,
   Univ. Arizona, Tucson AZ 85721

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