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Re: Time to fork the netboot code?

From: Mario Klebsch
Subject: Re: Time to fork the netboot code?
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 22:49:11 +0200


On Thursday, 10. May 2001 21:36, OKUJI Yoshinori wrote:
> From: Mario Klebsch <address@hidden>
> I think our situation is very similar to this case. Normal OS drivers
> have (maybe a lot of) extra code for us, but they have features
> enough for us. They are designed to be used simultaneously (opposed
> to Etherboot), and they very often work better than Etherboot,
> because of the number of the users/developers. Anyway, most of GRUB
> users use GRUB to boot Linux and/or *BSD, so if their drivers don't
> work with their NICs, it isn't very important that GRUB works with
> their NICs. In addition, AFAIK, there is no card that works better
> with Etherboot than Linux or *BSD.

Ok, so what shall be our goal?

    Using existing Linux/*BSD drivers as they are in Linux/*BSD (in
    doubt use exiting kernel modules, since not all kernel modules are
    available in source)? (This is the using Linux/*BSD-driver aproach)


    Modify the existing Linux/*BSD drivers (and our own environment as
    well) to work with Linux/*BSD as well as with grub and persuade the
    Linux/*BSD people to keep these modified drivers as part of their
    system (This is the 'sharing the driver' aproach)?

I think, we should agree on this, so that everybody can work into the
right direction.

As I wrote in an erlier mail, I do not think, any of these two
aproaches is technically impossible. The main problem probably is to
get the teams work together.

73, Mario
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