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Re: How to create a bootable CDROM.

From: Thierry Laronde
Subject: Re: How to create a bootable CDROM.
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 19:54:38 +0100
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On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 01:09:04PM +0100, Han Holl wrote:
> Hello,


> I need a bootable rescue CDrom, with 2.88 floppy image as
> boot.
> I can create a floppy image on disk, and populate it with a
> kernel and an initrd, but how do I put grub on this ?

I have written a Bourne shell script named `mkbimage' (MaKe a Bootable
IMAGE) that one can find here:


It allows to create "virtual images" including 1.2, 1.44, 2.88 or HD
emulation for an El Torito compatible CDROM.

At the moment, one needs to patch GRUB. Patches against 0.90 version can
be found here:


I haven't updated the patches since Okuji Yoshinori has asked for a
rewrite of stage1 which will include the code needed for El Torito to
work properly. This should be a question of a few days now.

Thierry Laronde (Alceste) <address@hidden>
Key fingerprint = 0FF7 E906 FBAF FE95 FD89  250D 52B1 AE95 6006 F40C

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