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Re: NT + XFS, newbie

From: Mauricio
Subject: Re: NT + XFS, newbie
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 09:42:53 -0300

    Things are more clear now. As I understand, I don't need to have stage
1_5 in a floppy, because I can put stage 2 in a defined sector, but  I
should use stage 1_5 in a hard disk so stage 2 can be found in a filesystem.
Is that right?
    However, I still have two questions:

-> If I want to install GRUB in a harddisk, how should I provide the correct
stage 1_5 to setup? Do I need to create a floppy that has the same
filesystem of my harddisk and use the correct stage 1_5 in the floppy?

-> Is it possible to install GRUB without putting files in any of my
installed systems, i.e., could I create a, say, 250K partition in the
beggining of the harddisk and install all GRUB files to access all kinds of
filesystem there (and also the files to configure GRUB and GRUB menu)? How
can I do that?


> (...)
> You don't have to transfer stage1.5 when you create a grub
> disk. (...) That is, stage1 load stage2 by sector address
> and stage1.5 do it as file(name).
> (...)
> If stage1.5 is not installed just after MBR, stage1 in MBR
> cannot load stage2. If stage1.5 is installed, stage2 can be
> loaded by stage1.5 after stage1 load stage1.5. You might
> understand that reason.
> (...)
> Susumu Takuwa

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