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Re: Grub-0.95-diskless-patch-1 (Etherboot-5.3.8)

From: Hans-Peter Jansen
Subject: Re: Grub-0.95-diskless-patch-1 (Etherboot-5.3.8)
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 21:25:01 +0200
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Hi Okuji San,

On Monday 21 June 2004 13:51, Yoshinori K. Okuji wrote:
> On Monday 21 June 2004 10:30, Feng Shuo wrote:
> >     Many thanks to Hans-Peter Jansen, our diskless patch for Grub
> > 0.95 released, which is based on the etherboot-5.3.8 drivers:
> Great.
> >     The patch only contains the latest drivers. Some bug fixes (such
> > as bugs in VMWare and dhcp probe) will be handled in later
> > versions. :-)
> What do you mean by "dhcp probe"? I don't care about VMWare since
> it's proprietary, but dhcp support is quite important.
> Probably what makes me hesitating to apply your patch is that I
> don't know the status of your patch very well. Could you summarize
> all problems you know in your patch?

I can only speak for our 0.94 patchset, which is quite stable, and 
allows netbooting for quite a lot more actual systems then before.

DHCP as of 0.94-patched without the supplementary DHCP hack is working 
fine, as I expect Shou's 0.95 patch. Basically grub 0.95's current 
netbooting infrastructure is actually a bitrotten mess, based on an 
ancient etherboot version (5.0.9 IIRC). Shou did a lot of fine work 
to get away from this mess. It allowed me to update some drivers to 
the current version. I will try to give Shou's 0.95 patch some 
testing in the next few days. 

All in all I would say, give it a try. I'm sure, people will complain 
loudly if netbooting things fall apart, but IMHO it really couldn't 
get much worser :-). Moreover I expect some more people to become 
happy grub users from the netbooting side of the world without heavy 
patch orgies.


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