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Re: Spacing problems with 2.9.21 (as opposed to 2.8)

From: Marcus Macauley
Subject: Re: Spacing problems with 2.9.21 (as opposed to 2.8)
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 02:37:20 -0400
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I wrote:
When I upgraded from 2.9.17 to 2.9.22, the page layout of one of my scores got messed up. That's only my opinion, of course, but it changed pretty drastically from five systems per page, spaced adequately, to three systems per page, with lots of blank space.

Joe Neeman <address@hidden> wrote (earlier):
You can enable the old page breaker by
putting #(define page-breaking optimal-page-breaks) in the \paper block.

I tried this command, and it seemed to work for vertical spacing (restoring mine to the way it was with 2.9.17), but I notice that the horizontal spacing has also changed (spread out slightly) in 2.9.22, from 2.9.17.

I prefer it the way it was, unless there's a good reason for the change (which, then, I think should be described somewhere).


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