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Re: Spacing problems with 2.9.21 (as opposed to 2.8)

From: Marcus Macauley
Subject: Re: Spacing problems with 2.9.21 (as opposed to 2.8)
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 01:46:12 -0400
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Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:

Marcus Macauley schreef:

So, Joe, whatever it is that you fixed, there still seems to be a problem [with vertical spacing] in 2.9.22.
 I can try to send an example if necessary.

I think this went in for 2.9.23

Actually, now in 2.9.23-1, it seems to be even worse than 2.9.22, though in the other direction.

At least judging from one score I'm working on, 2.9.17 was fine, 2.9.22 was way too spread out (vertically and horizontally), and 2.9.23-1 is way too squished together (vertically and horizontally).

My score now has one system the right side of which goes beyond the margin and literally off the page; another system, its bottom staff has been pushed down entirely off the bottom of one page.

Setting ragged-last, ragged-bottom, and ragged-last-bottom to ##f in the \paper block seems to trade these problems for others, slightly less severe in this case, but still involving a staff pushed off the page.

And setting #(define page-breaking optimal-page-breaks) in the \paper block, to disable the new page-breaking, seems to fix the vertical spacing problems, but it still leaves the horizontal spacing somewhat more spread out than it was in 2.9.17.


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