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Re: svg backend still has font problems in 2.9.22-mingw

From: Vincent
Subject: Re: svg backend still has font problems in 2.9.22-mingw
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 16:26:20 +0000 (UTC)
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>> I suspect that the directory /usr/var/cache/fontconfig/ and the 
>> files it contains are created in the wrong place (the root directory,

> I don't understand your complaint. (YEs the directory is there, but no, 
> we don't do anything with it)

sorry, I thought this could be related to the bug I reported in the svg 
backend, as this behaviour appeared at the same time IIRC. but obviously 
its not related.

what I meant is that (from a windows user point of view) it's not very
frequent to see a program creating and using e.g.:


(lilypond creates it and several files if it doesn't exist, so it 
must "use" it somehow, right?)

instead of:

C:\Program Files\Lilypond\usr\var\cache\fontconfig

which is created by the installation but left empty forever (and therefore 
unused, no?). 

I guess it's more logical to have all the lilypond folders inside 
the lilypond's tree. It looks like "somebody" (fontconfing, lilypond,
or whatever else) has an incomplete path configured somewhere.

But since it works, it's not so important I guess...



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