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Re: svg backend still has font problems in 2.9.22-mingw

From: Vincent
Subject: Re: svg backend still has font problems in 2.9.22-mingw
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 20:45:29 +0000 (UTC)
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> I still can't get a svg file with the correct text fonts. I keep 
> getting the "can't decipher Pango description: Century SchoolBook L"
> warnings in version 2.9.22.
>> http://code.google.com/p/lilypond/issues/detail?id=114

this warning has gone in 2.9.26-3-mingw. thanks for looking into this :)

but the svg files don't get the text fonts correctly I think. Editing
the generated svg I see:

text style="font-family:Schoolbook;font-style:L ...

instead of (what I think should be, as previous versions generated):

text style="font-family:Century Schoolbook L" ...

so Inkscape substitutes the text by its default font.

I can search and replace all the ocurrences, so I can live 
with that... :)

btw, if I use the otf fonts that come with 2.9.26, Inkscape don't renders
the music fonts correctly. I think that the unicode "codes" for the music 
symbols are now 2 numbers higher than they should be, so I get quarter 
noteheads instead of whole notes, the percussion clef instead the g clef, 
pedal end sing instead the C time sigature, and so on...
If I maintain the "2.9.18" otf fonts in my system, Inkscape displays the
music ok.

> I suspect that the directory /usr/var/cache/fontconfig/ and the files 
> it contains are created in the wrong place (the root directory,
> instead below the lilypond directory)

this continues to happen, (no matter with which commandline parameters 
I invoke lilypond) but it don't seems to be a critical problem. Its 
"weird", but everything else seems to work fine.

> Could you send me some test code for this, and instructions on 
> how to compile it (-b, -dwhatever=yes, etc) ?


lilypond --backend=svg myfile.ly

%%%% myfile.ly %%%%

\version "2.9.26"

  title = "Hello"

\relative c''
  a b c d



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