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Re: minimal examples

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: minimal examples
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 12:04:09 +0100

2007/12/7, Hans Aberg <address@hidden>:

> Sure you have a lot experience with structure of LilyPond bugs, you
> even describe that it several places. If you want to cut down on your
> own time, drop off hints as you did to me first time: "Is this or
> that really necessary?" Then people not only can go on with reshaping
> the example, but will learn how to do it for you. I have been on the
> Bison lists for a decade, and it is common to deal with bug reports
> where people send whole programs. To Apple, I have in some cases sent
> in whole DVDs. One files a bug report, and the people set to handle
> the bug should be able to indicate how the example should progress.

> In some cases, I set up on their suggestions, I set up my computer
> running for days. So if you want have bug reports have special form,
> you need to find effieicnt ways to communicate that. In the case
> above, I took out two notes of the quadruplet, and it did not change
> the bug, so it was reasonable to assume it was the quadruplet causing
> the bug, nd getting your opinion about that; only when I typed the
> letter, I got the idea it might be the g. You could then use the
> suggestion I made to further. This kind of interaction is typical for
> bug reports. I have also done bug reports for compilers since the
> early 1990s.

The point is: we do *not* have enough people to handle all this (so
this is a very different situation from other places you've been used
to). LilyPond is:
- a huge project
- a large community
- a very small development team, with only volunteers that have "real"
lifes, "real" jobs and therefore are often unable to deal with the

By narrowing the problem, you help soving it, you can

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