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Re: New feature suggestions

From: TaoCG
Subject: Re: New feature suggestions
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 13:14:28 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Manuel,

personally I believe the users-list is more appropriate for such
feature-requests since it clearly is not a bug and a more general message to
llilypond-users and developers.

to 1:
I'm no midi-expert, especially with lilypond, since I hardly need it but I
suppose it works in the following way.

Lilypond won't ever load any sounds since a midi-file is only a sequence of
commands that tells your soundcard which pitches to play by which
instrument. when you play a midi-file on a standard media-player this will
usually be a General Midi Soundfont.
The standard commands for entering Lilypond Percussion is also based on the
General Midi standard.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_MIDI#Percussion

If you want to create Midi-Files with more than the few sounds GM offers for
congas, you have to edit the definitions of the file 'drumpitch-init.ly'
which is in your lilypond-directory (you don't have to edit the file itself,
rather redefine the contents in your own ly-file). You'll have to map your
conga-commands to the pitches your external sounds are mapped to in Midi. If
you play it back in an advanced player, where you can choose which soundfont
to use for playback, you should hear the desired result.

to 2:
I'd be surprised if this hasn't been discussed before.
I suggest searching the users and dev-lists to see what has been said on
that matter.

By the way, I use lilypond myself to notate latin american rhythms and I
don't use the midi-feature at all because I think it's far more complicated
to create useful percussion midis with lilypond than quickly writing an
audio track in an external program. Hydrogen for example is an open-source
drumcomputer that lets you use your own recorded percussion sounds if you
If you want to share experience just send me a message off-list (auch auf
deutsch möglich).

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