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Re: Issue 1622 in lilypond: Dynamic spanner not printed within grace not

From: Colin Campbell
Subject: Re: Issue 1622 in lilypond: Dynamic spanner not printed within grace notes
Date: Tue, 03 May 2011 19:08:06 -0600
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On 11-05-03 01:01 PM, Keith OHara wrote:
  <lilypond<at>  googlecode.com>  writes:
        Status: Verified

Comment #6 on issue 1622 by address@hidden: Dynamic spanner not
printed within grace notes

Verified 2.15.0

But 2.15.0 has not been released yet, Colin.

Another change between now and the release might destroy the fix
(which has happened when a fix caused a worse problem an had to be taken back)
or the fix might not appear in the released build for which it was intended
(which has also happened recently).

I am rubbish at understanding policy documents (and following instructions
in general) but I think the CG intends that we test only the released builds
when it says 'official GUB version'.

bug-lilypond mailing list

Actually, 2.15.0 _is_ the version reported by the gub I built yesterday, Keith:

address@hidden:~$ which lilypond
address@hidden:~$ lilypond -v
GNU LilyPond 2.15.0


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