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Re: imap4d - feature request :-)

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: imap4d - feature request :-)
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 15:45:17 +0200

> Cool. Are you thinking of an /etc/mailutils.rc option like:
>   --home-spool=PATH

We already have --maildir option, understood by (almost) all mailutils
programs. Now it specifies the path to the mailspool directory. Its
argument is actually a URL, so one might run, e.g. 

    imap4d --maildir=mh:/home/USERNAME/Mail

and it will use the specified directory as the mailspool. (It's
almost half of the work, since the structure of MH and maildir
directories is almost the same). The problem here is that the
USERNAME in the above example must be explicitely specified,
whereas it should be replaced with the login name of currently
authenticated user. The similar approach uses the mbox: scheme,
there one could specify, e.g.


and, after appending the username after the final '=' character, this
will be expanded to


What I am going to do is to extend the mh: urls in the same way,
possibly providing macro-notations (like %h for users homedir, since
users belonging to different groups may have their homes in 
different parts of the directory hierarchy).


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