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no for $$(@F) missing

From: Silvio Wanka
Subject: no for $$(@F) missing
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 12:19:16 +0100


in the manual of GNU make I have found the following statement:

     pattern rules (see section Static Pattern Rules). The
     System V make rule: 

     $(targets): address@hidden lib.a

     can be replaced with the GNU make static pattern rule: 

     $(targets): %: %.o lib.a

this works well, but I need a replacement for

      $(targets): $$(@F)
      cp $? $@
      chmod 0444 $@


      $(targets): %: $(notdir %)

does not work. Should this work or is there no replacement for
this System V make rule?

TIA, S. Wanka

All opinions are mine.

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