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unable to query Makefile

From: thutt
Subject: unable to query Makefile
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2017 07:14:20 -0800

Roopashree, B.S writes:
 >    Hi Team,
 >    Recently am hitting this error with no change in the Makefile.
 >    Can someone help on this as it is stopping my progress.
 >    Below is the error:
 >    /pkg/qct/software/gnu/make/4.0/bin/make: invalid option -- 'u'
 >    LOGFILE:
 >    /prj/qct/verif/fvcad/bangalore/scratch01/workspaces/broopash/ubus_examp
 >    le/ubus_uvm_qbar_new/qvmr/broopash/simulate_only_issue/qvmr/broopash/si
 >    mland/ubus.sl/ubus/0.test_read_modify_write/latest/session.log
 >    Let me know if you need anything on the same.

 This mailing list is for the discussion of Gnu Make develpment and
 programming errors.  It looks like you a have a problem in using
 Make.  It's recommended that you discuss these problems with your
 tech leads, or with the people who created the original Makefiles.

 That notwithstanding, you've provided no actionable information in
 your report.  I suggest you narrow the problem down before speaking
 with your tech leads.

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