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Re: [Bug-mit-scheme] Fwd: imail bug

From: Taylor R Campbell
Subject: Re: [Bug-mit-scheme] Fwd: imail bug
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 16:36:47 -0400
User-agent: IMAIL/1.21; Edwin/3.116; MIT-Scheme/7.7.90.+

   Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 16:21:25 -0400
   From: Julie Sussman <address@hidden>

       And it looks like whatever is adding those lines is getting confused by

   Do we have evidence that it's confused?

Sorry, that wasn't quite right: it is getting confused, and in its
confusion it is duplicating the X-IMAIL-INTERNAL-TIME header, because
I'm pretty sure that IMAIL won't do that.  Whether it is getting
confused *by* the X-IMAIL-INTERNAL-TIME header I don't know.

(It is conceivable that IMAIL could be adding the header twice, but
only under somewhat strange circumstances: if you use another mail
reader to move a message with an X-IMAIL-INTERNAL-TIME header into an
IMAP folder, and then fetch that message with IMAIL and append it to a
Babyl file folder, IMAIL will write a duplicate X-IMAIL-INTERNAL-TIME

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