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Re: bookmarks for concept index

From: Stephen Gildea
Subject: Re: bookmarks for concept index
Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 11:54:33 -0400

>   ... I suggest a @version keyword (similar to LaTeX) so that
>   makeinfo/texinfo.tex aborts gracefully if unknown features are used.

How about supporting the \NeedsTeXFormat command introduced by the
LaTeX2e folks?  This command lets a document declare what version of
what TeX macro package that document expects.

Using it lets the document processor give friendly error messages, like
"This file needs format Texinfo but this is LaTeX2e" or "This file needs
version 2002-03-26.08 of Texinfo, but this is version 1999-09-25.10."

In the LaTeX documentation it states with what release each feature was
introduced, so you know what version to ask for in your document if you
use that feature.

You could even have texi2dvi look for the \NeedsTeXFormat when it's
trying to determine the source language.

 < Stephen

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