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Re: [Chicken-users] CMake build

From: felix winkelmann
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] CMake build
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 16:13:20 +0200

On 4/19/07, Brandon J. Van Every <address@hidden> wrote:

I'm not surprised that the CMake builds are doing better on Windows.
But currently there's some bug on the Linux CMake build.  I'm really not
a Linuxer and don't plan to be one.  It could be a Linux-specific CMake
bug, or it could be that my reuse of pcre object files doesn't work as
well on Linux as on Windows.  Either way, it's not an issue I plan to
chase down.  Why is that...

The bug seems to be uncritical - a "make install" merely recompiles
chicken-boot (and everything that depends on it...). But it still is
annoying, of course.

Getting my career back online is going to be difficult.  I don't see
Chicken or CMake as part of that effort; they are the problem.  CMake, I
know well, and I use for my own work because I'm comfortable with it.
But nobody cares about that.  Chicken, I do not know well, and I am not
comfortable with it.  For me, it is still a R&D technology of uncertain
value to my personal projects.  It may yet be of use to me someday, but
it is also clear to me that right now, it has no value at all.

Well, you have to use it to make it have value to you.

It doesn't interface to 3D graphics and operating system capabilities any
better than anything else,

That isn't completely true. Actually, I have not found anything that interfaces
better to such things, if you accept a very direct access to these facilities
(i.e. via an FFI).

So... what I'm willing to do for the CMake build anymore is very
limited.  Probably only things that are dead easy.  Chasing around weird
Linux bugs isn't, so I won't be doing them.  The cost of whatever I do
for the CMake build has to be pretty close to zero.  Anything that
resembles real work, I don't have the time for anymore.

Whatever you wish to invest is happily accepted, of course.

Where does that leave you guys?  Well, you've got a CMake build system
that works well on Windows, seems to work fine on MacOS X, and currently
has a bug on Linux.  At some point you have to buy into the vision of 1
unified build system, instead of persisting with Autoconf.  It's just
wasted effort.  If anyone actually worked substantially on CMake other
than myself, would there be any Linux bugs?  I seriously doubt it.  I've
given you a build system that does 97% of the job.  It's up to you to
make it 100%.

Yes, and a fine job you did there. But CMake is hard to learn and quite
complex and there probably aren't many that could implement such a
build (as you did). But nobody will ever expect total commitment. It's your
own choice, after all Chicken is an open source project. This will mean
slower acceptance and a longer path to completeness for the CMake
build (and thus more time with autotools), but we'll get there one day.

Good luck to you, Brandon!


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