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Re: Method.equals()

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Re: Method.equals()
Date: 06 Mar 2002 08:40:22 +0100


On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 01:04, Brian Jones wrote:
> Should we open a bug on ORP for this in Sourceforge?  This seems like
> a VM dependent layer change that should be documented if it has the
> potential of breaking a VM.

Yes, Orp has a bug when you call SecurityManager.getClassContext().

But in this case it is not clear to me if making forName() not native is
always a good thing. Although it should always work it is potentially
slower since the VM has to reconstruct the complete all chain. Maybe we
need a native Class getCallingClass() method, which might be usefull in
other situations also (see ResourceBundle).

The recent changes to Class, ClassLoader and Throwable etc. should all
be clearly documented and the vmintegration guide should indicate which
tradeoffs a VM writer can make. It is on my TODO list, hopefully I have
some time next week, but if someone beats me to it, please be my guest



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