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Re: Cinco de Mayo

From: John Leuner
Subject: Re: Cinco de Mayo
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 18:11:23 +0100
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> > > Would there be objections to a new release available on May 5?  Mostly
> > > to get the recent changes requiring VM support out there on the ftp
> > > site but also to show the progress with other packages.
> > 
> > It would be great to get a new release out. But I am afraid that I won't
> > have much time to help this week and I still haven't got Orp to play
> > nice with the latest Classpath changes. I do have some extra time next
> > week if you need any help with testing and/or releasing.
> I'll look into the ORP problems today, my guess is the ORP team has
> already tracked these changes in their unreleased version.
> > I also would like to wait till gcj 3.1 is actually released (any
> > day/week now) since Classpath cannot be compiled with older versions
> > anymore. And Mauve was recently cleaned up a bit so I would like to see
> > the new results on at least one VM/Classpath combination.
> It is still compilable with jikes 1.15b.  I checked out the lateast
> Kissme to see if it worked with CVS as well but didn't anywhere.

I quickly tried to compile kissme and classpath, my notes are attached. This is 
not meant to be quite such a manual process, we are in the middle of fixing the 
build scripts. 

I tested a simple case (haven't run mauve yet).

As you can see in the last line there, kissme needs the class files to be 
unpacked. It can load .jar and .zip files, but since that code is java code, it 
needs to get all the core stuff from the filesystem first.

Could we add an option to 'make install' which would copy all .class files to a 
$prefix/share/classpath/classes directory?

<new topic>

It's wonderful that classpath can compile itself without requiring any VM 
files. Am I correct in saying that classpath depends only on the auto* 
programs, gcc, jikes and zip?

I want to build a debian package when the new release comes out. Prior to this 
I always built a package with kissme-specific VM files, now I can remove this 
dependency (and effort).

John Leuner

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