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Re: The Mauve

From: Alex Lau
Subject: Re: The Mauve
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 17:18:53 -0500
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:) I read that from google....and I did ask a question along with that .... about what vm
should I use. I know classpath can run with a couple vm but for testing
is there a better one or more stable one we should use?

And that is how I get my  script wrote... did you look at
my script mainly is the first couple line. is it close to what a test case will look like?
(I'm talking about the result now )
do you have any standard to create test case that I may be able to follow?
Thanks :)

Brian Jones wrote:

Alex Lau <address@hidden> writes:

I looking in the Configure file in Mauve.... it should able to take
anything rather then JDK and java*
and consider as mauve-KEYS but it doesn't do that..I'm not
sure... anyway I write some script by hand
to test the io class in my kiss-classpath install from debian.
here is some result... I'm not sure I'm doing it right please let me know.
Thanks spending time on my little head..

Here's a HOWTO I forgot I wrote...


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