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Re: Help and input needed

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Re: Help and input needed
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2003 14:38:54 +0100


On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 23:10, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> > - java-gnome bindings. I have already posted it on this list twice so I
> >   won't repeat how important I think it is to have our stuff work nicely
> >   with it!
> O.K., I've done a little bit on this today, and got in touch with the 
> java-gnome devs. I still haven't managed to build java-gnome with kaffe, 
> but I'll give it another go on thursday. Otoh, the devs have told me 
> that their build now works with kaffe, so there is some progress there ;)

And there is a new release out that should make it easier for people to
test this:

> [UserLinux], I want to approach them with a balanced 
> e-mail that corrects their mistakes and recommends a GNU classpath based 
> VM, offering a general overview (names, links) of Classpath based VMs, 
> like my recent post to debian-java, just without the details about the 
> VMs. Then I'd follow up with an e-mail on kaffe, and our efforts to run 
> enterprise-ish software on it. I'd cross-post to GNU Classpath mailing 
> list and invite other VM developers to reply to the mail then as well, 
> describing their VMs and why they think it would be a good choice for 
> UserLinux. Then whoever is making the decisions about UserLinux can make 
> those decisions with a little bit more background than they have now.

That would be very much appreciated!

> > - Savannah GNU Classpath code checking
> >   We need to check if someone has tempered with any code when they had
> >   access to the CVS server. Doing checks against kaffe and libgcj
> >   sources should help with this.
> >   See also
> I've never (fortunately) had to do someting like this before, so I'm 
> slightly confused about what exactly I am supposed to do. Should I check 
> if my diffs match my patches I contributed to GNU Classpath? diff 
> everything against kaffe's source tree?

If you could provide a list of files/classes that kaffe has imported
from GNU Classpath and that you are sure about that they haven't seen
strange changes in kaffe CVS recently that would already help.
In general it would be nice to have a comparison page for kaffe like
libgcj has. See

For the classes that libgcj has imported we are already reasonably sure
that they have not been tempered with since Tom Tromey and Michael Koch
run daily diffs between those.



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