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Re: Eclipse 3.0

From: Anthony Green
Subject: Re: Eclipse 3.0
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 23:00:51 -0700

On Fri, 2004-07-02 at 17:09, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Since they decided not to automagically include their own XML stuff
> since M9... So you need libxmlj or something like xalan added to your
> bootclasspath. I tried that, but I now have jamvm crashing. Rebuilding
> libgcj with the above patches now. But first some sleep.

I got Eclipse 3 to start up on gij with a very tricky command line:

./eclipse -vm gij -consoleLog -debug -vmargs -Dosgi.locking=none

Forcing java.version is important because Eclipse barfs on "3.5.0".  
The LD_PRELOAD trick loads xalan and friends into memory before I start
gij.  I don't know why gij isn't finding this on it's own.

I made a couple of tiny tweaks to, but I don't know if they
made a difference.  I'll clean up the patches later, but if you poke
around, you'll see that we're not always using lower case converted
protocol strings when we should be.


Anthony Green <address@hidden>
Red Hat, Inc.

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