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Calientra Screenshot using CP-current

From: Roman Kennke
Subject: Calientra Screenshot using CP-current
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 21:14:55 +0100

Hi there,

After a long pause I am finally back in GNU CP :-)

I have successfully got running Calientra (formerly known as
Ontographics) nearly out of the box with current CVS of GNU Classpath. A
screenshot of this can be found here:

Notable observations:

- this is using Java2D with Cairo and GUI is completely Swing
- Animation of the graph works fine, speed is not as good as in Suns
JDK, but that's probably no surprise with JamVM. I'll try to
native-compile it soon as well as other VMs
- I was able to create new nodes using the main menu, but not the
right-click context menu (JPopupMenu)
- The text box (JEditorPane) on the right is not working
- The text field for editing new nodes is also not working, thus
'uninitializedValue') in all created nodes
- File dialog is not working
- I cannot read saved documents, this involves XML parsing and
unzipping. Maybe I have missed something
- I had to rip off RTF support for the text editor on the right, this is
obviously not yet implemented

All in all I must say that this is already pretty cool. Maybe we will
soon more Swing apps running with GNU Classpath.

Please tell me which parts are already in the works and in which I can
do something on my own. I will look into this in more depth the next
days so I think I'll discover some more bugs and more already working
features ;-) .

Best regards,

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