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Re: Modules names and other details for new classpath bug product

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Re: Modules names and other details for new classpath bug product
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 20:32:38 +0100


On Mon, 2005-02-14 at 10:29 -0800, David Daney wrote:
> My understanding is that you want to integrate the libgcj and classpath 
> bug databases with but still maintain the current situation with the 
> actual code where there are separate code bases.

Yes, but the code bases are actually not that separate.
Fixes in one of the trees are merged within days most of the time.
Of the around 3200 files just about 25 are/should be really different.
And some of these are different by design.

See also the GNU Classpath compare pages that track any differences
between the various GNU Classpath branches (generics, kaffe, libgcj,

A big THANKS should go to Michael Koch for staying on top of this.
He does a hell of a job trying to keep the branches in sync!
He would of course like help whenever possible. I am hoping a central
bug database where people can see an issue is fixed will help with
getting more volunteers merging fixes between the trees regularly.

If bugs stay fixed on only one code branch we are doing something
seriously wrong.

> How would a bug be marked that is fixed in libgcj and not fixed in 
> classpath?

That should really not happen. The proposal is for a bug database that
has all the "generic" bugs in the core class library as shared by all
runtimes, gcj, kaffe,, etc. There should be a separate
module/category in the gcc bugzilla for 'libgcj' runtime issues and
runtime specific classes/files. (Just like the other runtimes/compilers
would keep their own bug reporting mechanism for non-core-class-library
specific bugs.)

> It sounds a bit questionable to merge the bug tracking system before we 
> have a single merged code base.
> Perhaps I am misunderstanding what you are recommending.

It is a concern that we have not been able to completely merge libgcj
and GNU Classpath. But merging the bug reporting mechanisms of both is a
step in the right direction for coordinating bug fixing and keeping the
code in sync even more.



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