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Speed vs. dependencies

From: Tony Kolarik
Subject: Speed vs. dependencies
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 01:43:04 -0400

In our fairly decent sized build tree this:
    cons built/debug/src/foo/bar/baz.obj
can take 30 seconds before cons invokes the compiler (or doesn't).

Does anyone have a way besides build pruning - which I haven't got to
work with nested Conscripts doing Build()'s - to cut down the
calculations that cons does?  It's especially painfull when you are just
working out compile errors in one or two files.  It seems like a waste
to have cons go check hundreds of .consigns over and over when all
you're changing is a .c and a .h file.

How about a cons flag that says "For this target, trust me.  Just figure
out its source(s) and unconditionally compile them with the right
construction environment".

Or maybe the user could supply the source name instead. Granted, that
seems a lot like just doing
    cc  foo.c
but having cons supply the right flags, include paths, output paths,
etc., for a given file is valuable in its own right, and its all in
there already.

Maybe there's already something like this... guess I should go check
that new Archive ;-)  But if someone has built some capability like this
already I'd sure like to give it a try.  Thanks,
 -- Tony K.

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