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RE: Speed vs. dependencies

From: Kolarik, Tony
Subject: RE: Speed vs. dependencies
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 10:18:20 -0400

> Usually after building it once using cons, I cut & paste the 
> command line
> that cons used.  That way you don't have any of the cons overhead.
> Brad Garcia

Well that's a step up from renaming top level source directories so cons
ignores missing conscripts ;-)

Seriously though I'm looking for a fast way to compile single files w/in an
IDE.  Currently we invoke cons from project files, which seems reasonable.
(Greg Spencer has code that writes the msvc project files.)

I looked over the archives and got the impression that each file is
checksummed on each run.  And that the majority of cons time is spent in
checksums and stat'ing of files.  If so an option to skip some or all of the
dependency checking would probably bring the times way down.

Any cons specific solutions?  Thanks,
 -- Tony K.

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