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Object & changing target of CXXCOM

From: Steven Allen
Subject: Object & changing target of CXXCOM
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 15:05:18 -0400

Ok, I'm trying to get slicker and use more built in rules and rules checking
in cons.  This is probably a bit of a newbie question since I am pushing
into areas I've previously not explored.

My problem is I have a file dir/file.cpp that I want to compile and put it's
output in obj/file.o  


  Object $env "dir/file.cpp";

I can change CXXCOM as so 

  CXXCOM  => 'g++ %CFLAGS %_IFLAGS -c %< -o binary/%>:F.o',

This puts the .o file into the other directory just fine.  BUT cons doesn't
know that the target has changed from dir/file.o to binary/file.o and
*always* rebuild binary/file.o.  I can understand why, but I don't know how
to fix it.

Any clues.


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