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RE: Future of cons?

From: Nadim Khemir
Subject: RE: Future of cons?
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 14:22:34 +0200

>Stop acting like a jerk, and realize that Doug was *volunteering* to take
>over some *minimal* duties since nobody else (including YOU) was stepping
>forward to take over this stuff.
>If YOU have specific changes that you would like to make to CONS, then by
>all means, go ahead and make them.  If you want to have rational, CALM
>discussions about where you think CONS should go in the future, then again,
>please post here.

>But if you are going to continue to whine, complain, and act like a jerk
>towards other list members, then I would much rather you go away.

> Brad Garcia

Why don't you get lost and ask your mama to educate you not to say jerks to
people. If you want a calm discussion, you should not write it CALM because
that pisses me off even more. If you want to continue this discussion let's
do it private so I can put you back where you belong. 

I re-read my mail three times to make sure I didn't say anything too
personal before mailing it. The critique was not addressed to Doug as a
person but to the act of pushing forward what should be done now (done then
in fact). If Doug took the minimal duty of maintaining the web site (which
is very nice thanks) then he should not have to wait for anyone to do it
now. Or is it that people that want to do things (that's Doug) don't have
the power to do it or that the persons that want things to go forward have
to be "CALM" and not criticize.

Cons is not going much further and if I have accept slow thinking and
average change time of 6 months then I would certainly quit and use my time


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